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Greater financial





Different options, same outcome

For individuals

OMNI allows users to manage their entire financial life in one place, offering clarity to make the best decisions
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For employers

OMNI enables businesses to increase productivity, by reducing the financial stress experienced by employees
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For IFAs

For IFAs

OMNI brings financial advisors closer to their clients, utilising technology to build a more transparent relationship
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  • Multiple applications, making your finances complex
  • Files, spreadsheets and paper hard to keep track of
  • For most people, IFA's are unaffordable
  • Tracking everything takes too much time and effort

OMNI offers an alternative...

We are targeting all your finances in one place

Everything in one place

A financial tool like no other.

Traditional Banking Accounts

Connect all your bank accounts via API or manually.

Loan Accounts

Track your loan repayments and outstanding balances.

Credit Cards

Connect your Credit Cards to track your spending.


Connect your pension and watch it grow over time.


Track your stocks and shares, and store the documentation.

Finance Agreements

Track your finance repayments and store the documentation.


Automated valuation and storage of associated documentation.


Automated valuation and storage of associated documentation.

Personal Items

Add photos, documents and valuations of cherished items.


Track your crypto assets and NFTs by connecting your wallets.


Store all the financial documents alongside your finances.

Estate Management

Create and store your will, Power of Attorney and keyholder access.

Health Check

Ensure your finances are healthy and switch to the best deals.

Financial Education

Build your understanding of all things financial.
“OMNI offers the consumer a precise and true refection of their financial situation, helping to build greater financial confidence and independence, assisting the user to plan more intelligently, spend smartly and gain greater control of their finances. Only when users have access to their complete financial picture can they make truly informed decisions.”
Russell Thomas
Co-Founder OMNI Money

You can always trust OMNI with your data

  • Two-factor authentication, so we know it's you logging in
  • Encrypted data means OMNI keeps everything safe
  • Servers with bank level security, storing information safely
  • We never share your data with any parties without your consent
  • FCA and ICO authorised and regulated, giving you peace-of-mind

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