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Utility is the future of NFTs
April 12, 2022

Cryptonews recently published an article explaining how utility is the future of NFTs. They explained that there is a huge untapped NFT market that “must move beyond the digital collectibles approach to build greater utility into NFTs at every stage, and ultimately drive more value for fans and partners”.

The original NFT 1.0 concept simply gave its buyers a chance to show off their limited edition artwork and was built on FOMO, scarcity, and the hope of price appreciation. In contrast, NFT 2.0 is built on utility, storytelling, and innovation.

“As long as NFT providers and partners keep the customer experience at the centre of their strategies, there seems to be a bright future ahead for the overall market.”

OMNIBirds NFT has utility at the forefront of the collection, giving an array of utility perks to the token holder. We want to build a community who become part of our journey to deliver the best personal finance application in the world. The application will enable users to track and manage all their finances in one place, including crypto and NFT investments.