omni [omni- ] prefix

of all things, in all ways or places

from Latin omnis 'all'

OMNI is an innovative application in which consumers can undertake full personal finance and estate management.

single application

single login

total financial control

Details of all assets and liabilities are displayed in the most user friendly way, ensuring greater clarity and control of information relating to spending habits, transactional history and financial health.
OMNI will offer a precise and true reflection of the user's financial situation, assisting them to build greater financial confidence, control, independence, and wellbeing. But this is just the beginning.

OMNI is embarking on a journey to aid consumers to better understand all things financial. As well as continual technological improvements to automate the user journey, we will be incorporating financial education content within our eco-system to enable users to broaden their understanding of how the financial world impacts their day to day lives.

We are at the start of our journey and there is much work to do but we hope you will join with us.

OMNI is YOUR personal finance assistant.