The OMNI story

We have a vision to improve the financial wellbeing of consumers from all walks of life.

OMNI was founded in 2019, with the sole aim of making the complex world of personal finance management more open and accessible to everyone.

The ability to effectively demonstrate and manage individual and collective family financial health could lead to a revolution in financial responsibility. The result would be empowering to the consumer through greater transparency and control of their financial affairs, thus having a positive impact on mental health and overall life quality.

Russell Thomas


Stuart Rex


Shay Thomas

Operations Manager

"The world of finance and its implications on all our lives is obviously far reaching. I think it is imperative we do a better job in the future of informing  people and helping them understand just how the world of finance impacts them both directly and indirectly. OMNI is in the first instance offering a solution for people of all ages to manage their financial exposures in one place, to aid better decision making, to help them maximise their opportunities. In the future OMNI will be doing much more to help assist and support financial education."
Stuart Rex
‍‍Co-Founder OMNI Money

Our social mission

Our partners

In 2021 Bud became data partner to OMNI. Through this partnership, OMNI have been able to access and collate the infomation necessary to provide the comprehensive financial overview which forms the basis of our offering.

The Bud partnership has ensured OMNI have acquired the necessary FCA regulatory status required to operate in its chosen field.

Tappable are a software design and development business whom partnered with OMNI in 2021.

Tappable help businesses design, develop and integrate technology solutions and have vast experience across a growing range of industry sectors.

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